Meeting Elizabeth Warren at her LA Town Hall (Aug 2019)

Meeting Julian Castro (Feb 2020)

Our Women

Long Beach Resister Sisters is a local grassroots political group created to discuss current events, support policies and candidates with progressive ideals, and actively engage in the democratic process. We believe it behooves us all to be informed, and engage in elections that may directly or indirectly affect our lives and communities. 

Long Beach Resister Sisters concerns itself, as a group, with local political races, as well as races across the country. We actively watch, question and volunteer for candidates and causes in which we believe. The Long Beach Resister Sisters are dedicated to increasing voter participation, especially for local races and initiatives.

Our Efforts

Long Beach Resister Sisters started out in 2018 writing postcards to voters, asking them to vote for particular candidates. We wrote postcards for local campaigns and for campaigns all across the country. We also helped write postcards asking Floridians to sign up for vote-by-mail.

We soon moved on to other activities. The Resister Sisters began participating in marches, vigils, rallies, protests, and demonstrations. We turned out for Impeach at the Beach, and in protest of the reprehensible treatment of people at the border. To learn more about our work, please go to the Actions Taken page.

The Resister Sisters study the municipal ballot measures, state propositions, judicial and school board candidates, and local, state, and federal candidates. To see our endorsements, please go to our Endorsements page.

Celebrating resistance (Sep 2019)

Elizabeth Warren Town Hall (Aug 2019)

Postcarding for Rex Richardson for Long Beach Mayor at Ficklewood Ciderworks in Downtown Long Beach

Naida speaking at the No War With Iran Rally (Sep 2019)

Nancy representing at the Biden / Harris GOTV Rally (Nov 2020)

RBG vigil (Sep 2020)

Postcarding (2019)

Mid-pandemic Protest against DeJoy to Save the Post Office (Aug 2020)

Postcards, postcards, postcards! 

We marched for Reproductive Rights with the Women of Long Beach... from Long Beach City Hall to Harvey Milk Promenade Park in Downtown Long Beach

Resister Sister meeting Impeach"mint" Punch (Oct 2019)

We The People Rally & March (Sep 2019)

Meeting with Congressman Lowenthal (Nov 2019)

Presenting to LBCC Student Leaders and Administrators in preparation for National Voter Registration Day (Sep 2019)

Some favorite postcards

Voter Registration in Belmont Shore with Rocky, Vote Dog #2 (Oct 2019) 

Voter Reg LBCC (Oct 2019)

Long Beach Resister Sisters Statement of Solidarity: Black Lives Matter (Jun 2020)