2022 Endorsements


Mayor-Elect Rex Richardson

District 9 Councilmember-Elect Dr. Joni Ricks-Oddie

(we're still waiting for a few races to finish up)


The Long Beach Resister Sisters issue endorsements in local and municipal candidate races and take positions on statewide and local ballot measures. We issue recommendations/endorsements in select federal and state candidate races.

The Long Beach Resister Sisters provided the local candidates with questionnaires, studied and discussed the candidates' responses, and endorsed candidates whose platforms and visions most closely align with our progressive interests. The questionnaires and responses of endorsed candidates are available upon request.

Please click on the candidates' photos to access their website for more information on their accomplishments, goals, and plans.

The Long Beach Resister Sisters find that Dr. Sharifa Batts is a worthy candidate for LBUSD School Board Area 1 and should be given consideration. Additionally, we appreciate City Council District 5 candidate Linda Valdez’s commitment to the city and to the issues. 

The Long Beach Resister Sisters did not endorse a candidate for the following offices:
Long Beach Auditor
City Council District 1
City Council District 7
LBUSD School Board Area 5