Make a Difference

Take Action: Calling Legislators

Did you know that some bills are voted on by your rep after receiving less than a dozen requests from their constituents? Our legislators work for us and they want to know what their constituents want from them. They WANT to hear from us.


Q: Is it hard to contact your representative?

A: No. Contacting your legislators, from Governor to School Board members, is fast and easy once you have their contact information in your phone. This quick access allows you to influence how your legislator votes. 

A typical phone call: “Hi. My name is ___________ and I am asking __(legislator’s name)___  to vote __(yes/no)__ on __(the name or number of the bill)___.”  

You may be asked for your full name and address. That’s it. You will be on the call for less than 30 seconds. 

Q: Do you need deep knowledge of the bill to have your voice heard?  

A: No. The staffer who takes your call or logs in your email response does not care what your history or knowledge is with that particular bill. Their job is to tally responses they get from constituents (you) and pass them along.

Q:  Do I have to voice call my rep to be effective?

A:  No. In most of the links below you will find email addresses. If you prefer emailing, you will be heard just as much as with a phone call (remember to sign with your Full Name and Address because legislators will be more responsive to your request when they know you are a constituent in their district).

Q:  How do I know who my reps are?

A:  Now here is the “homework part”. 

Again:  Remember, you elected them ~ they work for you.  So the next time someone, like us, asks you to make a call (or email) your rep, you’ll be ready to make a difference!

Who are my legislators?

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Who are my federal legislators: US Senators and US Congressmember?

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